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Time travel is a piece of cake - let’s try it with my time machine! 3, 2, 1, and... BOOM! Oops, my time machine exploded! Something’s wrong with the gravity, something’s wrong with the laboratory and the whole world. Magnetic anomaly, weather anomaly, gravity anomaly - oh, I’ve done a mess. Let’s fix it. Help me in collecting all vials and all parts of my time machine to save the world. Rescue my lost friends - scientists and celebrities.

Grab Lab is a crazy mix of puzzle and arcade game. Use only one finger - tap to fly. Complete all unique levels - from simple to extremely advanced and demanding. Save the world - fix the gravity and rules of physics.

Spikes, saws, lifts, jellys, levers, launchers - it won’t be easy. It will be the hardest task ever. Grab Lab gets hard, it’s a demanding puzzle game which also requires speed and perfect timing.

- Brand new gameplay mixing puzzle and perfect timing
- 100+ levels, including extremely hard ones
- 7 different worlds with unique obstacles
- Mixing of characters - discover all recipes and unlock 30+ heroes.
- Game Center leaderboards and achievements
- iPhone X fully supported
- iCloud support
- Fun, frustration & huge satisfaction

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Digital Melody Games


Digital Melody Games


iOS (June 28th 2018), Android (June 28th 2018), Nintendo Switch (January 10th 2019)

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  • 19 Jul,2018
    "Overall, Grab Lab is a really fun little game that sort of reminds us of the games we used to play when mobile gaming was just starting to take off. Back when Cut the Rope, and Angry Birds were just starting to become really popular. Nostalgia is a powerful thing."
    Edamame Reviews
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  • 18 Jun,2018
    'Grab Lab gets hard, it’s a demanding puzzle game which also requires speed and perfect timing.'
    Digital Melody Team
Grab Lab